mercredi 10 août 2011


Ok well, it appears like the first time I write something about a fest.
But for sure, this one should hit you up ! Musicaly by the way this one seems like very interresting and in the center of new experimental electronic music(in his largest name as ambient/downtempo to uncommon techno).

Make sure, Ancient Methods (Sonic Groove) plan to drop some industrials and very agressive kick&bass Through their very rare live!
Peter Van Hoesen (Time to Express) just back from Labyrinth fest (Japan) for mystic but dangerous hypno snare session.
Raime from Blackest Ever Black : many goods reports about his works and of course close friend to Sandwell District, Tropic of Cancer : Post Punk vibz !
Monolake (who did a fantastic performance @ Pompidoux, Paris), Murcof vs Anti VJ ... other famous names, make sure this kind of guys are able to combinate visuals hallucinations and out of this world's bass line with abstract rythm.
Don't forget Kanding Ray other mystic character from Raster Noton rec : u 'll get something more melodic and peacefull than mathematical approach of music as Alva Noto or Byetone (even if we they do is fantasic as well !)

Then you 'll find something more than techno cause it's appears like the fest dive bewteen experimental music, dace, visual installation and "Art Contemporain" ! As well it's also about digital and electronic approach of Art with innovative video, structure, performing etc ...

here is :

Other important mention : MNML SSG (as Chris&friends) will be there ; involved in programming one of the rooms over the two nights.

Full programme as of 17 July:

Arion de Munck [NL] - Vierkant en Rond | Keg de Souza [AU] - Gigloo | Lucas Abela [AU] - Vinyl Arcade | Maurice Bogaert [NL] - The Morphed Set (WORKSPACE 11)

Ancient Methods [DE - RSB / Sonic Groove] |
Awesome Tapes From Africa [US] |
Baris K [TR] |
Bo Marley [DK - Jahtari] |
Chloé [FR - Kill The DJ / BPitch Control] |
Daedelus [US - Ninja Tune / Brainfeeder / Plug Research] |
Danton Eeprom [FR/UK - Infiné / Fondation] |
dÉbruit [FR/UK - Musique Large / Civil Music] |
Delta Funktionen [NL - Delsin / Ann Aimee] |
diskJokke [NO - Smalltown Supersound / Full Pupp] |
Disrupt + Soom T [DE/UK - Jahtari / Werk Discs] |
Dompteur Mooner [DE - Erkrankung Durch Musique] |
Elektro Guzzi [AT - Macro] |
Eli Verveine [CH] |
Jacek Sienkiewicz [PL - Recognition / Cocoon] |
Jazzsteppa [UK/DE - Hotflush / Studio Rockers] |
Kangding Ray [FR/DE - Raster-Noton] |
Kevin Drumm [US] + Thomas Ankersmit [NL/DE] |
Luomo [FI - Force Tracks / Huume] |
Nuel [IT - Regular / Aquaplano] |
Oni Ayhun |
Peter Van Hoesen [BE - Time To Express] |
Plapla Pinky [FR - Sonore] |
Raime [UK - Blackest Ever Black] |
Sculpture [UK - Dekorder] |
Senking [DE - Raster-Noton / Karaoke Talk] |
Todd Terje [NO - Soul Jazz / Full Pupp / Permanent Vacation] |
Ulf Eriksson [SE - Kontra-Musik] |
Vladislav Delay Quartet [FI/AR/DE - Honest Jon's]

Gob Squad [UK/DE] - Saving the World |
Martin Messier [CA/QC] - Sewing Machine Orchestra |
Martin Messier + Nicolas Bernier [CA/QC] - La Chambre Des Machines |
Transforma [DE] + YRO [FR] - Asynthome